We've been working with the Launch NY team and their expertise coupled with investment has moved RepHike in the right direction.”

Shashank Roy Co-Founder and CEO RepHike
Zack Schneider Partner Agency15

"Launch NY has provided top-notch mentorship, through their Entrepreneur-in-Residence program that few minority tech startups receive within their first two years of development.”

Derrick Parson CEO Graspie

“Launch NY and its support in the form of investment as was as programmatic development has helped us to not only professionalize our own fundraising efforts but their confidence in our business model has created a network effect in the Finger Lakes region, beneficial to our market presence.”

Tinia Pina Founder Re-Nuble

EagleHawk would not be where it is today without the support of Launch NY. The coaching and the mentorship provided early on helped us position our business to raise capital. Then when we started to raise capital, Launch NY’s commitment was seen as a vote of confidence and helped us secure commitments from other angel investors. We feel very fortunate to be a part of the Launch NY family.”

Patrick Walsh Co-Founder and CEO EagleHawk

Launch NY not only helps startups with cash investments, but they also have a wealth of knowledge in business, and manufacturing. We are in contact with someone from their team almost weekly regarding various topics. The mentorship has helped us to set the groundwork for our next investment round. The follow-on investment will enable us to ruggedize our product in preparation for operational exercises with upstate fire departments in July."

Patrick O’Connor CEO 3AM Innovations

Some may think only tech companies can raise money in Silicon Valley. Eat Me Ice Cream and Launch NY are here to prove that's not the case anymore. Launch NY has provided early stage coaching, guidance and investment in an area that some would not associate deal flow with: CPG and Food/Beverage Manufacturing. Launch NY is leading the way when it comes to investing in innovative food supply chains in Western and Upstate NY. Launch NY has accelerated the growth of Eat Me's plant based frozen dessert line in grocery stores across the Northeast. "

Catelyn Augustine Founder Eat Me Ice Cream

Let’s be honest, raising money is very difficult for any startup. Upstate NY is not Silicon Valley or NYC, so it can be even more difficult to raise here. Launch NY provided access to investment capital when we needed it the most. Launch NY’s investment was the first made in our current round. This investment enabled EMPEQ to show other investors that a reputable institutional investor had already committed to the round. Their initial investment, mentoring, and networking capabilities has enabled EMPEQ to grow to next growth stage in our business."

Herbert Dwyer CEO EMPEQ

The money is great, but the guidance is even better. I find the relationship with Launch NY most helpful in navigating the start-up waters with knowledge and confidence. They open doors to information, support resources and funding that you really can’t open on your own. We are proud to be considered a Launch NY company. If you are a founder, especially a female founder, get there today!"

Antoinetta Forth Co-Founder & COO Walkabout Workplace

This investment has provided us enough runway to accomplish our first post-launch milestone of delivering value to our first two cohorts of clients. With this funding, we are able to service our earliest clients the right way by spending our time digging in and learning so that we can build an even better customer-focused product.”

Chris Miano CEO and Founder MemoryFox

Launch NY got us over that hurdle. We saw that we needed to rebrand, and without Launch NY’s help we would not have been able to do it. Without that funding our company would not have taken off. I know I can call Steve (Steve Nicosia is her EIR) with any questions or for advice. Originally I knew I needed funding to rebrand and get new distribution. Steve got me ready to pitch and is continuously helping me make connections in the industry.”

Michele Liddle Founder The Perfect Granola

SunDensity is delighted to be a part of Launch New York (LNY) Eco incubator since 2019. LNY was very helpful in preparing us to raise seed funding. Working with LNY mentor Mike McCourt, we developed our due-diligence package and pitch-deck which led to raising $2.5M in Seed Funds. Thank you LNY for preparing us and making us successful. We are proud to be a part of LNY Network."

Dr. Nish Sonwalker Founder and CEO SunDensity Inc.