Aviate Audio Unleashes Multiverse Effects System

BUFFALO, NY – Music tech company Aviate Audio is launching their groundbreaking multi-effects device at the 2023 NAMM show in Anaheim, California. The product is the highly anticipated Multiverse Developer Edition Pedal, allowing musicians to instantly access a growing universe of unique sounds. The Aviate Audio Multiverse is an open platform software ecosystem for developing new audio effects that incorporates powerful hardware for running them. Developers can create and publish their own unique digital effects using free Aviate Audio software and share them via the audio shop on aviateaudio.com which features new effects by independent developers including Blackaddr Audio who, in addition to being part of the development of the product, have published their tremolo and delay effects in the shop for free. 

Get Started

“As new effects started becoming available for the pedal, we began  experimenting with creating custom digital pedalboards, which are now available on our website as presets,” said Aviate Audio CTO Ryan Jaquin who supports  developers in creating new sounds with the pedal. Multiverse users can chain together several effects and create a collection of presets that are saved to the pedal. Effect controls can be assigned to any of the four knobs, six buttons and expression input. The device also features midi input, an oled display and a USB-C port for programming. 

Aviate Audio was formed in Buffalo, New York by a small team of musicians and engineers who, like many other musicians, are on a never ending quest to find new sounds. Multiverse seeks to redefine that quest and provide an ever expanding library of audio effects made by developers from around the globe. The Multiverse pedal is configured using the Multiverse Designer, which is a desktop editor where you create unique pedalboards, assign controls to the Multiverse Pedal and interact with full-art views of each effect. NAMM show attendees will experience the Multiverse pedal, Multiverse Designer, and effects library. Guitar pedal makers, plugin companies, hobbyists and tinkerers can now create full featured digital effects on the Multiverse Developer Platform. “We’re going to NAMM to connect with artists and industry professionals who want to become part of the developer community,” said Aviate Audio CEO Shane Nolan. “Now any musician can curate their own collection of effects from their favorite developers with only one piece of gear.” 

The Multiverse Developer Edition pedal is now available for sale on the Aviate Audio website (aviateaudio.com) including Aviate Audio free software for download, user guides and  documentation for developers. Aviate Audio will be showcasing Multiverse at Booth #5241 during the 2023 NAMM show in Anaheim California April 13-15th. For more announcements and product demos follow @aviate_audio on Instagram and YouTube after the NAMM show! 


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