Launch NY September 2020 Newsletter

Anthony Jones, Buffalo Expat, as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence and Co-Lead for “Founders Go Big” Program 

Anthony Jones, Buffalo-Expat, joins Launch NY as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence and Co-Lead for the Pilot Founders Go Big Program. Jones is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Flextime Nurses and an accomplished attorney, serial-entrepreneur and community activist, brings start-up experience from many industry sectors.

“I am proud to lend my experience to Launch NY’s growing seed fund. Starting my first businesses in Western New York, I understand some of the challenges associated with creating a successful enterprise in the region. I’m especially happy to help some of our minority founders raise needed funds.” – Anthony Jones (Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Launch NY)
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Launch NY Awarded CDFI Fund for 4th Consecutive Year

This year’s $375,000 CDFI Fund award to Launch NY, one of 950 in the country receiving a total of $204.1 million, is allocated for Launch NY’s nonprofit Seed Fund. The Seed Fund is designed to support investments in startups in what is known as an “evergreen cycle,” which recycles returns to the fund to continue providing capital to new ventures in the future. The Fund is fueled by grants and donations, and it provides $25,000 to $100,000 in investment capital to companies who meet Launch NY’s criteria.

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Launch NY Initiative Helps Women and Minority Founders Scale Up and Aim High

Launch NY’s announced its Founders Go Big (FGB) initiative fueled by JPMorgan Chase in February this year aimed at expanding access to mentorship and equtiy capital for underserved, under-represented entrepreneurs, supporting them to build high-growth potential business, create more jobs, and strengthen the local economy. Pivoting like its entrepreneurs to adjust to virtual programming in response to COVID, Launch NY has been hosting over a dozen companies in weekly customer discover webinar sessions, in addition to its individually tailored one-on-one Entrepreneur-in-Residence mentorship. Additionally, Launch NY’s September #LaunchHour TwitterChat featured FGB companies, so check out the highlights below or visit the full session and meet all the companies here.

“It starts with the name of the program; it’s bold —diverse founders are usually seen as small. When you come from a background where you don’t see people talk about million- or billion-dollar opportunities, you need someone to tell you that you can think big. With this program, we’re starting to create a vocabulary for those who haven’t had this exposure.”  Crystal Callahan (Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Launch NY)
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Startup Spotlight
SunDensity Wins $1 Million as “Company of the Year” at Luminate 2020 Finals

SunDensity, an ECO and Portfolio Company at Launch NY, received $1,000,000 in investments from New York State through the Finger Lakes Forward Upstate Revitalization Initiative after winning “Company of the Year” at Luminate NY’s Finals Competition.

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Launch NY Client Company, Immunaeon, wins UB Entrepreneurship Competition

Immunaeon took first place at the Panasci Technology Entrepreneurship Competition. The company will receive $25,000 in funding and a host of in kind services. The Buffalo-based biotech stores a person’s immune system for future use against potentially life-threatening illnesses. The process, which combines cryopreservation (preservation of cells by cooling) and immunotherapy (the reintroduction of those cells to the body), will help people treat diseases, infections and cancers in future cases.

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Re-Nuble and Halomine are Finalists in Grow-NY Competition

Two Launch NY Portfolio Companies, Re-Nuble and Halomine, are finalists in the annual Grow-NY Competition. Grow-NY Is a food and agricultural technology business competition where the businesses and entrepreneurs from all over New York State compete for a grand prize of $1,000,000.Re-Nuble: Originally focused on manufacturing liquid fertilizers, the Company pivoted to fertilizer pellets. Their system transforms food waste into plant based technologies for both soil-based and hydroponic cultivation.Halomine: Halomine is commercializing a new generation of antimicrobial technologies for the prevention control of microbiology-caused diseases in the food manufacturing and healthcare industries.

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Wednesday, October 21st, join us for #LaunchHour! #LaunchHour TwitterChats are monthly virtual chats featuring important topics for startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem stakeholders.

We cover new topics every month! – If you missed Juggling Business, Family and COVID” – Catch up here!Tips from September’s TwitterChat:

Meet all the Founders Go Big Companies and read the full conversation here

Q5. We know that one challenge minority & women founders face is that they are less likely to receive venture capital than white male founders. Tell us about your experiences & any unique challenges you’ve had to overcome in starting & growing your business. #LaunchHour


@getSPATCHED: A5: #launchhour When your a minority company talking to investors, you have to be better than good. You have to be GREAT. Attention to detail is super important. Always remember that its for a bigger cause. If you can do it, it will show others it can be done. GET READY.,

Q7. How has the Founders Go Big program helped to shape you and your company? #LaunchHour

@arkatecht1: A7: It’s helped me develop a thicker skin, which I already had, but just strengthened it. It’s allowed me to be assertive when needed and heed advice constructively to move forward and into a better position for my company.#LaunchHour

View our TwitterChats archive.

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