February 2024 Newsletter

Celebrating Black History Month

February draws to a close, marking the culmination of Black History Month and our concerted efforts to honor and amplify the voices of black founders within our entrepreneurial community. Throughout the month, we embarked on a meaningful social media campaign, spotlighting the wisdom and insights of black founders through inspiring quotes and shared knowledge. This initiative not only celebrated their remarkable journeys but also underscored their invaluable contributions to our ecosystem.

Furthermore, we were delighted to host a captivating installment of our Going Big Spotlight Series: Session 6, themed “Perspectives of Black Founders.” This dynamic event brought together a distinguished panel featuring Adie Akuffo-Afful, CEO of Unveil; Evan Leaphart, CEO of Kredit Academy; Leslie Woodward, Founder of Edenesque; and Johnita and Kontji Anthony of Youdle. These visionary leaders delved into the nuanced topic of #fundraisingwhileblack, offering profound insights and inspiration to our community. The recording of this enlightening discussion is available HERE (passcode: goingbig6)!

Since 2020, the Founders Go Big Program has helped 103 companies through mentorship and funding opportunities. Read and learn more from black founders engaged with LNY HERE.

Interested in more info on how Launch NY’s Founders Go Big program continues to support Black and other BIPOC and Women founders?  Please visit the link below and apply!


LNY Investor Network Members Inject $125K into Verivend & UB-Spawned Dimien is New Featured Deal

Launch NY’s Investor Network continues to drive impactful investment opportunities for regional startups. Most recently, Buffalo-based Verivend successfully raised $125,000 through Launch NY’s Investor Network, propelling the company closer to its ambitious $1 million fundraising goal. The Investor Network is the only online platform exclusively featuring Upstate NY startup investment opportunities, most recently growing to over 300 accredited investors.

We’re thrilled to highlight Dimien As we shift our focus to as our next featured investment opportunity. Dimien is a pioneering battery technology startup commercializing a novel material for better, safer batteries. Dimien holds a research collaboration led by Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Stanley Whittingham from Binghamton University and funding from the National Science Foundation. By showcasing Dimien on the Investor Network, we invite accredited investors to seize this opportunity and explore Dimien’s potential. Get started with the Investor Network today to be part of this exciting venture!

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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Launch NY Gains $150K from NYSEG and RBG&E to Boost Innovation Across Upstate New York

Launch NY recently received a significant funding boost, with a $150,000 grant from New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) and Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E), longstanding supporters. This funding will greatly enhance opportunities for entrepreneurs across central and western New York, particularly through expanding our Resource Navigator, available HERE. With a decade-long support totaling over $900,000 from NYSEG and RG&E, their continued commitment underscores our shared mission of fostering diverse entrepreneurial talent and driving economic growth. The grant will facilitate enhancing our digital infrastructure, mentorship programs, and outreach initiatives, ensuring equitable access to resources for all entrepreneurs, especially those from underserved backgrounds. Through collaborative efforts and a dedication to our ‘mentorship first’ approach, we’re excited to leverage this funding to empower local founders and catalyze success in our region’s startup ecosystem.


In Celebration of Women’s History Month, Launch NY Promotes a Virtual Roundtable

A Forbes article stated that in 2021 women angel investors grew to 33.6%. To continue to grow women’s participation in startup investing and our Investor Network we’re hosting Women in Investing in New York Virtual Roundtable. On 3/28 from 12 pm to 1 pm.


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