Boom Supersonic Partners with Dimensional Energy for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Offtake Agreement

Denver-based aerospace company Boom Supersonic has signed a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) offtake agreement with Dimensional Energy, a producer of carbon-neutral fuels and products made from recycled carbon dioxide. Under the agreement, Boom will purchase up to 5 million gallons of SAF annually throughout the Overture flight test program. Overture is Boom’s supersonic airliner, designed to fly at twice the speed of current commercial jets using 100% SAF. The collaboration with Dimensional Energy is seen as a significant step towards making sustainable supersonic flight a reality.

Dimensional Energy specializes in power-to-liquid SAF technology and production, combining a proprietary carbon utilization method with the Fischer-Tropsch process. The company has already demonstrated its ability to produce net zero carbon SAF from recycled carbon dioxide at its technology center in Tucson, Arizona.

Boom’s commitment to sustainable aviation also includes a partnership with United Airlines, which has agreed to purchase at least 300 million gallons of SAF from Dimensional Energy over 20 years. Boom’s agreement with Dimensional Energy adds to the 10 million gallons of SAF it has already secured. The company aims to achieve net zero carbon by 2025 and will release its 2022 Environmental Sustainability Report in June. The collaboration with Dimensional Energy signifies the increasing demand and strength of the SAF market, supporting Boom’s vision for sustainable aviation and transforming air travel.

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