Verivend’s $125K Milestone: Catalyzing Fintech Innovation in Upstate New York

Amidst the thriving startup ecosystem in Buffalo, Verivend stands out as a trailblazer in the fintech sector, achieving a significant milestone in its funding journey. Securing a substantial $125,000 investment from the esteemed Launch NY Investor Network, Verivend’s achievement underscores the dynamic nature of Upstate New York’s innovation landscape, showcasing the region’s potential for fostering groundbreaking startups and driving economic growth. 

Revolutionizing Private Capital Transactions 

Verivend’s trajectory exemplifies the transformative power of fintech, particularly in revolutionizing transactions within the private capital space. Boasting a remarkable 100% customer renewal rate and a rapidly expanding customer base, Verivend’s innovative payments platform has propelled the company’s growth. With a focus on enhancing security, efficiency, and transparency, Verivend’s success is not only recognized but also fueled by the strategic investment from Launch NY. 

Strengthening the Startup Ecosystem 

The pivotal role played by Launch NY’s Investor Network is underscored by Verivend’s funding success. With over 300 accredited investors, the network serves as a catalyst for bridging the gap between capital and promising startups in the region. Verivend’s achievement, alongside the spotlight on other innovative ventures like Dimien, highlights Upstate New York’s emergence as a hub for technological innovation and investment opportunities. 

A Catalyst for Regional Economic Development 

Verivend’s $125,000 milestone signifies more than just financial backing; it symbolizes the region’s potential for driving economic growth and technological advancement. As Verivend and other startups continue to thrive with the support of Launch NY, the stage is set for significant progress in Upstate New York’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. With the infusion of capital and resources, the region is poised to attract more attention, fueling innovation and propelling economic development forward. 


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