Spotlight on Manufacturing: Norma Byron, Leading Ashlawn Energy

Launch NY: Spotlight on Manufacturing: Norma Byron, Leading Ashlawn Energy

Ashlawn Energy LLC, a Binghamton-based company, specializes in the development of the VanCharg™ system, a rechargeable battery designed for multifamily residences and commercial office buildings. This innovative vanadium redox flow battery uses a liquid electrolyte and charges during off-peak hours, storing energy for use during peak periods. Notably, the battery’s longevity can extend up to 30 years, and its water-based design ensures safety, as it is unlikely to catch fire.

The company’s initial focus is on the New York City market due to favorable factors like a new greenhouse gas emissions law, utility programs, and building policies. Ashlawn Energy intends to utilize the $150,000 prize from the 2023 Commercialization Competition to acquire equipment for increased production capacity.

Founded in Ohio in 2008 by Norma Byron, who transitioned from a defense industry role, Ashlawn Energy aims to provide solutions for reliable energy supply even when renewable sources are unavailable. The company began with a licensing agreement for the vanadium redox flow battery, secured a Department of Energy grant, and developed five prototypes before relocating to the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator at Binghamton University in 2019.

Now, with the award funding, the company is poised to enhance battery assembly through automation, hire additional personnel, and expand to more cities in the future. Ashlawn Energy’s journey highlights the importance of focusing on a specific market and staying dedicated to a chosen path for success.

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