MetLife and MetLife Foundation’s $30 Million Commitment to Empower Upstate New York

MetLife, Inc. and its foundation, MetLife Foundation, have pledged $30 million to support Upstate New York communities. This commitment comprises a $5 million funding and impact investment from MetLife Foundation and $25 million in impact investments from MetLife. As part of this initiative, MetLife Foundation has invested $1 million in Launch NY, an organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship. The focus of MetLife Foundation’s strategy is to enhance economic mobility inclusively and strengthen communities where MetLife operates.

The $1 million impact investment in Launch NY is part of the first close of Launch NY’s Seed Fund II, LP, a for-profit limited partner fund aimed at investing in high-growth startup companies to boost local employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. Launch NY is the most active seed fund in New York state.

MetLife Foundation’s commitment reflects its dedication to supporting communities and residents where MetLife has a presence. This investment will contribute to the economic growth of Upstate New York and help create opportunities for talented entrepreneurs, fostering economic prosperity in the region.

In addition to this investment in Launch NY, MetLife Foundation has already provided over $1.4 million in grants to Upstate New York non-profit organizations addressing various community needs, including food insecurity, workforce development, neighborhood revitalization, and access to cultural resources.

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