Buffalo Next: Local tech startup wellconnected lands multi-year deal with Independent Health

Wellconnected, a technology startup based in Cheektowaga, has entered into a multi-year partnership with Independent Health, a local health plan. The collaboration aims to utilize Wellconnected’s flagship product, allco, to connect Independent Health’s members to various community services, including food and nutrition assistance, transportation, housing support, income assistance, employment opportunities, educational programs, and mental health counseling. The centralized digital platform provided by Wellconnected is designed to bridge communication gaps in care and enhance collaboration between health insurers, social care agencies, and patients. Independent Health believes that this partnership will improve member outcomes by facilitating easier access to necessary resources. Wellconnected, founded in March 2021, focuses on bringing modern technology solutions to nonprofit organizations and non-hospital-based healthcare providers in Western New York. The partnership with Independent Health is seen as a meaningful step for the startup, emphasizing the value of local ties in the Western New York startup scene.


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