BetterMynd Leads the Charge: Transforming Mental Health Support for College Students

In the wake of a burgeoning mental health crisis sweeping across college campuses nationwide, BetterMynd emerges as a beacon of hope, significantly amplifying its impact on student mental well-being. Through its innovative online therapy platform, BetterMynd has not only doubled its partnerships with colleges and universities but has also seen a remarkable surge in successful 50-minute therapy sessions, underscoring the pressing need for accessible and personalized mental health care among students. 

Rapid Growth in Campus Partnerships and Therapy Sessions 

BetterMynd, a distinguished portfolio company of Launch NY, showcases exponential growth reflecting the urgent demand for mental health support in academic settings. With a staggering 66% increase in campus partnerships and a remarkable 1.9x surge in attended 50-minute online therapy sessions, BetterMynd is witnessing a paradigm shift in student mental health care. The company’s unwavering commitment to providing tailored and readily available support has resonated deeply with colleges and universities grappling with escalating mental health challenges. 

Diverse and Accessible Mental Health Solutions 

Central to BetterMynd’s mission is its dedication to inclusivity and diversity in mental health care. By expanding its counselor network to include a 30% increase in BIPOC counselors and a 15% rise in multilingual counselors, BetterMynd ensures that students from all backgrounds have access to culturally competent care. Moreover, the incorporation of translation services in HIPAA-compliant video sessions further enhances accessibility, reinforcing BetterMynd’s commitment to breaking down barriers to mental health care. 

Empowering Student Success through Comprehensive Support 

BetterMynd’s holistic approach to mental health extends beyond individual counseling sessions, offering students a range of supplementary resources to support their well-being journey. From Group Wellbeing Workshops to 24/7 On-Demand Crisis & Support Lines, BetterMynd equips students with the tools they need to navigate mental health challenges effectively. By fostering partnerships with esteemed institutions like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Southern University and A&M College System, BetterMynd, as a part of Launch NY’s esteemed portfolio, is catalyzing a transformative shift in how colleges approach student mental health care. 

A Vision for a Healthier Future 

As BetterMynd continues to spearhead innovation in online therapy and mental health support, the path forward looks promising for college students seeking comprehensive and accessible care. With a steadfast commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and student-centric solutions, BetterMynd, backed by Launch NY, is poised to redefine the landscape of mental health care in higher education, ensuring that every student has the support they need to thrive academically and personally. 


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