Aviate Audio Launches Innovative Effects System to Revolutionize Music Creation

We are excited to share news about Buffalo-based startup, Aviate Audio, and their latest product offering: the Multiverse guitar pedal. Aviate Audio’s Multiverse is an open platform software ecosystem for developing new audio effects that allows musicians to access audio effects made by developers worldwide through a guitar pedal. The product is an excellent example of the innovative technology being developed by our region’s entrepreneurs.

The Multiverse pedal is Aviate Audio’s second product offering since its launch a few years ago. The company was founded by Ryan Jaquin and Shane Nolan, both University at Buffalo graduates, who sought to build innovative and futuristic audio gear. They designed a business plan that won them first-place cash prizes at the FuzeHub Commercialization Competition in 2020 and the University at Buffalo Panasci competition in 2018, which helped them launch their company with the help of funds raised through Launch NY.

With the Multiverse, Aviate Audio aims to create a world of audio effects for musicians that brings together names and ideas from throughout the industry. The pedal’s digital effects library can be accessed on the Multiverse Developer Platform, allowing developers to create and publish unique digital effects using free Aviate Audio software and share them via the audio shop on aviateaudio.com. We are thrilled to see Launch NY-funded companies like Aviate Audio pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing solutions to real-world problems faced by musicians and audio engineers.

(Joshua Bessex/Buffalo News)

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