Launch NY June 2020 Newsletter

Launch NY Closed on First Qualified Opportunity Fund Investment

Launch NY’s Investor Network closed on the first widely available Qualified Opportunity Fund investing in an operating business in the region bringing accredited investors together to fund 3AM Innovations, a Buffalo-based startup that provides a wearable tracker for first responders in the field during crisis situations.


“With most of the companies we serve being located in low income areas, we knew that Opportunity Zone tax incentives should be a huge way to attract capital gains-driven investment. Given our unique position serving entrepreneurs and investors, our volume and infrastructure provides a way for a broad group of investors to jump into these deals using their capital gains but avoiding the burden of having to figure it out themselves.” – Marnie LaVigne (President and CEO of Launch NY)


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Launch NY’s LP Summit Goes Viral


During challenging times, how do entrepreneurs respond? By meeting market needs, pivoting, and showing grit. So do investors, who came out in droves on June 29th to meet Launch NY’s Limited Partner (LP) Fund portfolio companies on a virtual office platform from portfolio company Walkabout Workplace. Launch NY has over 45 LPs in its for profit LP Fund, nearly 100 accredited investors in its Investor Network, and dozens of others who request to “see Launch NY’s deals,” so the virtual event venue may be the wave of the future to convene individuals from around the country and beyond.

Catch opening remarks including George Chamoun, CEO of ACV Auctions, and company presentations, and learn more about Launch NY’s #investlocal financing programs.

Meet the Companies

Startup Spotlight


Promptous Becomes Launch NY’s 30th LP Fund Portfolio Company


We have announced Promptous as our 30th Limited Partner (LP) Fund Portfolio Company. Promptous, started in 2018, is a Syracuse-based technology company that administers Policy Hero, a member-first mobile and web platform. Currently with over 260,000 dental access points nationwide, the app helps to streamline enrollment, coverage and reimbursement processes for companies providing dental benefits to their employees.

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Three Launch NY Portfolio Companies are among the finalists in the 76West Clean Energy Competition


Heat InverseEcolectro and Paradigm are among the 20 semifinalists in the 76West Clean Energy Competition. The semifinalists will present their final pitches of the Competition to a panel of judges the week of August 17. Launch NY’s financing programs and Emerging Cleantech Opportunity (ECO) Incubator provides specialized, intensive resources to these innovative companies.


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Upcoming Webinars

Wednesday, July 15th
Grow NY – Last Day to Summit Applications to the Second Annual Grow-NY Competition 2020

Wednesday, July 15th
#LaunchHour – Launch NY TwitterChatHow to Close Down Your Business and Keep Your Bridges Intact

Sunday, July 19th
Last Day to Submit Applications for the First Chapter of The Clean Fight: Buildings Edition

Wednesday, July 22nd
MARL Accelerator: Startup Founder Webinar Series

Wednesday, July 22nd
The Tech Garden: Founders Chat ft. Fotokite

Thursday, July 23rd
How To Build Your Marketing Foundation with HubSpot for Startups

Wednesday, July 29nd
The Tech Garden: Managing and Hiring for Remote Teams

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This months topic is How to Close Down Your Business and Keep Your Bridges Intact

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