SunDensity Elevates Rochester with New Headquarters and R&D Hub in Sibley Square

SunDensity is inaugurating its R&D lab and headquarters in downtown Rochester’s Sibley Square, marking a significant development for the regional economy and job creation. The company, which was named the 2020 Luminate NY Company of the Year, will unveil its new 6,000-square-foot facility on October 24th.

SunDensity specializes in the production of Photonic Smart Coating designed for utility solar power producers. This innovative technology enhances optical processes and decreases energy production costs. It significantly boosts the efficiency of converting light into electricity, making solar energy more economically viable and environmentally friendly.

The company’s smart coating has the potential to reduce the overall cost of solar power production, potentially accelerating the adoption of solar energy to combat carbon emissions. SunDensity’s unique approach has garnered attention, and the Rochester-based pilot plant could serve as a model for future facilities closer to clients as the company expands.

Henry Schek, SunDensity’s CEO, anticipates substantial growth at the new site, which will begin with around 15 employees and includes R&D and pilot manufacturing capabilities. He estimates that commercializing the technology will take up to three years, with plans for full-scale manufacturing in the Rochester area.

The Rochester location offers SunDensity access to crucial resources, including key labs, facilities, and universities, all of which are pivotal to the business. It also benefits from a rich talent pool and has secured funding from various sources, including the Luminate competition, the National Science Foundation, Excell Partners, Launch NY, the Rochester Angel Network, and prominent investor TJ Rodgers, who founded Cypress Semiconductors.

SunDensity’s continued growth and development rely on maintaining interest in its technology and securing additional capital.

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