Startup Acquisition Insights: Steve Buslovich’s Journey

Steve Buslovich’s transition from Patient Pattern co-founder to PointClickCare’s Vice President of Senior Care – Value Based Care has been a whirlwind of growth and learning. The company began working with Launch NY in 2017 for mentorship support and subsequently received its first capital from Launch NY in 2019. With the PointClickCare acquisition, this yielded the first major exit from Launch NY’s portfolio the exact same week that the 2023 Silicon Valley Bank crisis happened. Over 12 months post-acquisition, Buslovich shares valuable insights for entrepreneurs embarking on similar paths to success. 

The Acquisition Journey

Patient Pattern’s acquisition by PointClickCare marked a milestone for Buslovich’s team. Despite challenges, the acquisition proved fruitful, with Patient Pattern retaining its Buffalo office and experiencing continued growth. As part of PointClickCare, the startup retained 100% of its customers, witnessing a 15-20% increase through member enrollments. 

Navigating the Transition

Transitioning to a larger corporation posed challenges, yet PointClickCare’s integration process and cultural alignment efforts eased the transition. Benefits emerged, notably in resources and customer growth. 

Lessons Learned

Buslovich underscores the importance of thorough planning during the diligence process, emphasizing cultural alignment and customer-centricity. Understanding the acquiring company’s culture is crucial for success. 

Advice for Fellow Founders

Drawing from experience, Buslovich advises founders to prioritize product-market fit, customer satisfaction, and trust-building over fundraising. Success lies in aligning with potential acquirers and focusing on customer success. 

As Buslovich reflects on his journey, his insights illuminate the path for entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of acquisitions. By prioritizing trust, alignment, and customer focus, founders can pave the way for successful exits, backed by Launch NY’s support in the startup ecosystem’s ever-evolving landscape. 


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