Shift 2.0

Shift 2.0 empowers small to medium-sized manufacturers with advanced manufacturing solutions and expertise, helping them to enhance operations and competitiveness through technology integration. This program is a collaboration among Buffalo Manufacturing Works, Insyte Consulting, and Launch NY focusing on the technological advancement and growth of companies.

  • Shift 2.0


What the Program Does:

Shift 2.0 is tailored for small to medium-sized manufacturers, providing access to advanced manufacturing solutions and expertise. It enables companies to identify, invest in, and implement critical technologies to boost their operations and competitiveness. Engagement with manufacturers is organized to help companies navigate the technological, growth, and financing resources they need through the cooperative efforts of Buffalo Manufacturing Works, Insyte Consulting, and Launch NY. 

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Benefits of the Program:

  • Access to Expertise: Unmatched engineering and technology support from Buffalo Manufacturing Works, enabling tailored advanced technology implementations.

  • Cost-Effective: Funded by New York State and federal initiatives, the program covers training and support costs, requiring only investment in necessary equipment.

  • Technology Integration: Comprehensive guidance through technology adoption, from system design to post-installation support.

  • Peer Groups and Training: Facilitated learning and experience sharing among peers and experts to ensure smooth technology integration.

  • Comprehensive Support: From concept development to installation, ensuring successful technology adoption and competitive edge maintenance.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a community of like-minded manufacturers to share best practices and collaborate.


Shift 2.0 leverages the unique strengths of its partners to provide a robust support system for manufacturers. This includes:

  • Buffalo Manufacturing Works: Offers advanced engineering and technology expertise.

  • Insyte Consulting: Brings over 40 years of operational productivity improvement experience, with significant returns on investment.

  • Launch NY: Assists in navigating the capital landscape to secure necessary funding for technological advancements.