New Yorker Creates Healthy Snack Celebrating Asian American Heritage

As part of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which happens in May, we’re highlighting Pacific Island culture and heritage. This segment features Ree Dolnick, founder and CEO of Jeca Energy Bars, who celebrates her bicultural identity through her innovative snack company. 

The American Dream
Ree Dolnick embodies the American dream, having immigrated to the United States from South Korea at a young age for educational and economic opportunities. Her parents laid the foundation for hard work, success, and a deep appreciation for food and family. 

Founding Jeca Energy Bars
Jeca Energy Bars, a Launch NY portfolio company, celebrates adventurous Asian flavors in everyday energy bars. Leveraging her background as a cancer researcher at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Dolnick combined ingredients from her pantry, creating a home chemistry lab to develop these bars. They are designed to provide nutrition and convenience when a home-cooked meal isn’t possible. 

Unique Flavors
The bars feature rich Asian flavors like matcha, coconut, curry, and more. Dolnick takes pride in the love and care put into their production, ensuring they honor her Korean roots and the flavor profiles she grew up with. 

Cultural Integration
Ree Dolnick reflects on the progress of the Asian American community, embracing the fusion of Korean and American cultures. Despite common questions about her origins, she accepts them with grace, celebrating her identity as an immigrant integrating into American society. 

Jeca Energy Bars is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and innovative spirit of the Asian American community, offering a delicious and nutritious snack that honors its roots. 


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