New Launch NY Investments Fuel Growth for Startups in Rochester, Ithaca, and Buffalo

Launch NY is driving innovation in Upstate New York with new investments in three promising startups: Caretech Human, TelosAir, and Edenesque. Each company received a $175,000 investment to support their manufacturing scale-up and bring innovative products to market. 

Strategic Investments 

Launch NY has invested in Caretech Human (Ithaca), TelosAir (Rochester), and Edenesque (Buffalo), showing its commitment to regional innovation. Each startup received $175,000, with $75,000 from Launch NY’s nonprofit seed fund and $100,000 from Launch NY Seed Fund II, a for-profit fund launched in 2023. 

Caretech Human: Innovating Urology Monitoring 

Based at Cornell University’s Center for Life Science Ventures, Caretech Human developed a non-invasive device for continuous health monitoring in urology. Launch NY’s investment will help the company enter commercial production, revolutionizing early disease detection. 

TelosAir: Enhancing Indoor Air Quality 

TelosAir is pioneering air quality management with advanced sensors, targeting the $100 million indoor air quality market. With customers in various sectors, TelosAir’s technology improves health and safety in commercial buildings. Launch NY’s funding will support the manufacturing of the first 500 units. 

Edenesque: Redefining Plant-Based Dairy 

Edenesque has created gluten-free, vegan plant-based dairy products, already in over 100 New York City locations. Recently relocating to Buffalo, Edenesque aims to scale its manufacturing and distribution. Launch NY’s investment will help expand the brand across the U.S. 

Launch NY’s Mission 

Launch NY, the most active seed fund in New York State, supports startup growth through its InvestLocal financing programs, including nonprofit and for-profit funds and an Investor Network of over 300 accredited investors. Launch NY’s mission is to create a vibrant, inclusive innovation economy in Upstate New York. 

Launch NY’s investments in Caretech Human, TelosAir, and Edenesque highlight its dedication to fostering innovation and supporting startup growth in Upstate New York. These investments will enable the companies to scale manufacturing, bring their innovative products to market, and drive regional economic development. 


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