Meet Launch NY’s Investor Network Startups: EagleHawk

EagleHawk is disrupting the way commercial roofs are inspected and managed by leveraging the benefits of drone technology. In the past, roof maintenance has been managed reactively and as a result, more than 70% of commercial roofs they inspect show evidence of leaks or failures. 

EagleHawk has inspected more than 1000 roofs and is innovating to make this process easier for clients. Active in three locations, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Orlando, EagleHawk is gaining traction and name recognition in the market. 

Launch NY helps startups like EagleHawk break into the market. With Launch NY’s new online Investor Network, accredited investors can join the region’s first and only on-demand Invest Local digital marketplace. Now’s your chance to support incredible startups like EagleHawk in WNY.

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