Lafarge Canada, Svante, and Dimensional Energy to Utilize Captured CO2 at Richmond Cement Plant

Lafarge Richmond Cement Plant, Vancouver B.C. (Photo: Business Wire)

Lafarge Canada, Svante Technologies, and Dimensional Energy have entered a tri-party agreement to demonstrate Dimensional Energy’s carbon dioxide utilization technology at Lafarge’s cement manufacturing facility in British Columbia, Canada. The project, called CO₂MENT, aims to capture 1 tonne per day of CO2 emissions from the cement plant and convert it into synthetic hydrocarbons using Dimensional Energy’s technology. The synthetic hydrocarbons can be used in the production of industrial wax products and other high-value products, effectively recycling previously emitted carbon. The project’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the development of a circular carbon economy. The companies involved plan to conduct a life cycle analysis (LCA) to assess the project’s environmental impact. Lafarge Canada has committed financial support to Dimensional Energy, and the project has received funding from the Innovation Accelerator for the CleanBC Industry Fund.

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