HelixIntel CEO’s Bold Move Back to Buffalo

In a tech landscape dominated by remote work, HelixIntel CEO Jon DeWald’s decision to relocate from North Carolina back to Buffalo, his hometown, may seem unconventional. However, for DeWald and his rapidly growing company, this move signifies a strategic step towards fostering closer collaboration and accelerating business growth. 

Founded in 2019, HelixIntel specializes in providing digital tools for companies to track, maintain, and acquire equipment. After closing an impressive $11 million Series A round in summer 2023, DeWald felt compelled to be closer to his team in Buffalo. 


The Importance of In-Person Communication 
While many startups embrace remote work, DeWald emphasizes the value of in-person collaboration. Leading a team of 21, with 17 based in Buffalo and the rest working remotely, DeWald believes that face-to-face interactions foster better decision-making and efficiency. 


Fueling Growth and Expansion 
With plans to add approximately five new employees in the coming months and a move to a larger 5,300-square-foot office space on the horizon, the company is gearing up for its next phase of expansion. DeWald’s leadership and commitment to fostering a collaborative work environment have been instrumental in driving this growth. 

The Role of Launch NY 

As a proud portfolio company of Launch NY, HelixIntel embodies the spirit of entrepreneurial resilience and collaboration. DeWald’s decision to relocate back to Buffalo highlights the importance of local support networks in the startup ecosystem, click here to check all of our portfolio companies. 


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