Diadem Capital: A Startup Triumph

In the fast-paced world of startups, resilience and innovation are the keys to success. Diadem Capital, a proud portfolio company of Launch NY, embodies these qualities and more. Recently crowned the winner of the 2024 Inno Madness competition, Diadem Capital showcases the power of strategic partnerships and entrepreneurial excellence by operates a platform that facilitates funding for private companies by connecting them with investors and lenders. 

The Victory

Led by co-founders Stephanie Rieben and Joe Hammill, Diadem Capital’s win in the 2024 Inno Madness contest was a testament to their dedication, and the team’s collective effort secured an impressive 69.4% of the final round votes. 

Bridging Funding Gaps

At its core, Diadem Capital is committed to bridging the gap between private companies and funding sources. Since 2022, the startup has facilitated over $92 million in funding for 27 companies, with approximately 950 investor groups and 150 lenders on its platform. Trust is paramount in their business model, as emphasized by Hammill. 

Strategic Outreach

Hammill and Rieben’s strategic approach to securing votes played a pivotal role in Diadem Capital’s success. Drawing on their experience from Citi Velocity, they employed meticulous planning and relentless outreach to rally support, showcasing the power of community engagement. 

Future Growth

With plans to raise more capital by year-end and a dynamic team in place, Diadem Capital is poised for continued success. With Launch NY’s support, the startup is set to make waves in the startup ecosystem, one funding round at a time. 

Diadem Capital’s journey epitomizes the spirit of perseverance and innovation in the startup landscape. As the first company funded by Launch NY’s new Limited Partner Fund II, this Buffalo-based startup is primed to leave a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial world as it continues to forge ahead. It has already received national press in a featured article in TechCrunch.


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