BetterMynd Expands to Over 100 Colleges, Prioritizes Student Mental Health

In an era where mental health resources for college students are crucial, Buffalo-based startup BetterMynd is making significant strides. With a 66% growth in campus partnerships over the past year, BetterMynd now collaborates with more than 100 colleges and universities, serving over 500,000 students. 

Expanding Reach
Founded by Cody Semrau, BetterMynd moved from Rochester to Buffalo in 2020. The company gained momentum after winning a $500,000 prize in the 43North competition in 2021. Today, BetterMynd’s services extend nationwide, including partnerships with schools like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Southern University and A&M College System. 

Service Growth
BetterMynd has doubled the attendance for its 50-minute online therapy sessions and expanded its counselor network to over 400 licensed and insured clinicians. This network includes a 30% increase in BIPOC counselors and a 15% increase in multilingual counselors, addressing diverse student needs. 

Meeting Demand
Approximately 77% of college students face mental health challenges, and 85% of counseling centers report increased demand for online therapy. BetterMynd’s platform supplements on-campus resources, providing accessible and personalized care. Monthly, over 1,400 students participate in these sessions, highlighting the growing need for mental health services. 

Strategic Partnerships
In addition to campus collaborations, BetterMynd has partnered with organizations like Togetherall, Upswing, and the Hope Center. These partnerships enhance the company’s reach and effectiveness in supporting student mental health. 

BetterMynd’s growth reflects its commitment to improving mental health resources for college students. As one of Launch NY’s portfolio companies, including receiving capital from its nonprofit and for-profit funds and Investor Network, the company continues to expand its impact, aiming to make mental health support as accessible and convenient as possible. 


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