August’s Health Transformer Showcase: Advancing Health Moonshots – Recap and Highlights

In the August Health Transformer Showcase, several entrepreneurs presented innovative solutions to address various healthcare challenges. Among the presenters was Iryss, a portfolio company of Launch NY, committed to alleviating financial anxiety for individuals with chronic illnesses.

Iryss, led by CEO and Co-founder Jeffrey McCormack, joined StartUp Health in 2023 with a mission to tackle the financial stress that plagues 92% of chronically ill patients. This anxiety stems from both existing medical bills and the uncertainty surrounding future healthcare expenses.

To address this critical issue, Iryss offers a personalized financial platform that leverages predictive analytics. By forecasting future healthcare costs and identifying potential savings opportunities, Iryss empowers individuals and families affected by chronic illnesses to regain control of their financial well-being.

Much like healthcare providers strive to enhance patients’ physical health, Iryss is dedicated to safeguarding the financial health of those diagnosed with chronic conditions. Through their innovative predictive analytics technology, Iryss aspires to ensure that individuals can navigate the financial challenges associated with chronic illnesses with confidence.

Iryss represents a compelling example of the transformative healthcare solutions emerging within the StartUp Health community, aiming to improve the lives of people worldwide by addressing critical health-related issues.

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