Launch NY Virtual LP Summit Company Participants

3D Usher, Buffalo, NY

3D Usher is making on-line on-demand manufacturing easy through its unique algorithm and extensive network of partner manufacturers. The US target market is small- and medium- sized business enterprises having trouble sourcing manufactured parts on-demand in low volumes due to high set up costs and lack of internal expertise.


Agape Inc., Rochester, NY

Agape’s product is a simple and habit-forming freemium/premium relationship wellness app. The app will increase relationship satisfaction, reduce relationship failure, satisfy desire to feel loved and facilitate ways to show love. To the extent that the app meets these goals it would be of value to couples who are having difficulty with their relationships both as a way to improve the relationship and as a way to avoid the emotional/financial costs of a failed relationship.


Antithesis Foods Inc., Ithaca, NY

Antithesis Foods makes good-for-you food that tastes good by using the best food science. The company’s first product is Grabanzos, which provide the satisfying crunch and chocolate indulgence you get from a chocolate covered pretzel, but with chickpea, a much more nutritionally dense ingredient. The underlying ingredient has many other applications that the company can expand to, their mission is to design, build and brand healthy great tasting snacks.


BetterMynd Inc., Rochester, NY

BetterMynd is an online therapy platform that connects colleges with a network of licensed mental health counselors. The Company has created a tool that allows students to access a vetted network of diverse specialists who are available through the convenience and privacy of the student’s laptop or smartphone. The Company has focused on universities located in NYS as its initial market, but will look to expand to other states in subsequent years.


CaHill Tech, Buffalo, NY

CaHill Tech, Inc. has created a training system, named aQuiRe©, which provides a daily log of mobile-accessible material composed of dynamic and engaging videos, diagrams and quiz materials. This system facilitates essential skills/safety training adaptation, while providing peace of mind for employers and risk managers striving for optimal safety standards and employee

performance. Not only does the aQuiRe system help employers meet safety standards, it can also be used as a tool to train potential candidates for trades jobs.


Circuit Clinical (Empirican Group Inc.) (SEI), Buffalo, NY

Circuit Clinical has built one of the largest Integrated Research Organizations [IRO] in the US. Their focus is on physician and participant engagement providing a distinct advantage with identification of motivated participants through direct HIPAA/FDA-compliant Electronic Medical Record (EMR) review. Coupled with their technology products that enhance the participant and physician experience, Circuit Clinical provides their network of more than 1 million patients, physicians, and sponsor partners a new path forward in clinical research.


Dimensional Energy Inc. (SEI), Ithaca, NY

Dimensional Energy uses a licensed technology from Cornell to convert carbon dioxide into fuels and chemicals through their sunlight powered reactors. The Company is scaling their HI-Light technology, which relies on photocatalysis to produce environmentally responsible polymers and chemical intermediaries for industrial partners. The high-throughput reactor optimizes the interplay of feedstocks, catalysts, and sunlight for maximum conversion at low temperatures.


EagleHawk One LLC (SEI), Buffalo, NY

EagleHawk is a drone powered technology company revolutionizing the way commercial roofs are inspected and managed. In just two years, EagleHawk has inspected over 700 buildings and 12 million square-feet of rooftop, and is helping customers detect unknown issues, mitigate risk, and reduce roof maintenance costs. EagleHawk was recently selected as 1 of the 5 finalists for GENIUS NY.


Eat Me Ice Cream LLC (SEI), Rochester, NY

Eat Me Ice Cream creates plant based frozen desserts in savory, smokey, tropical, foraged, spirited, umami based flavors highlighting the unique terroir and terpenes of ingredients that challenge the pallet transforming the mind, body and soul. They call them #mouthrevelations. Their work is driven by their core values of creativity and imagination, taste experiences and awareness through connection, sustainable environments/food systems/future of food/eco packaging, women empowerment, and cross cultural experiences.


Ecolectro Inc. (SEI), Ithaca, NY

Ecolectro is a specialty chemicals company. They have an exclusive license from Cornell for a family of Anion Exchange Materials (AEM). Their mission is to use chemistry to de-carbonize industry, energy production & storage and transportation sectors. First, they plan to reduce the cost of renewable hydrogen (RH); with estimate CAPEX reductions of >50% and 3x durability. The RH made is estimated to be cost-competitive with conventional hydrogen production.


Ellicottville Greens, Ellicottville, NY

Ellicottville Greens grows and processes high quality, indoor herbs, leafy greens, and micro greens through sustainable methods.


Empeq, Ithaca, NY

EMPEQ works closely with companies to provide critical equipment infrastructure finance.


Gian Health, Rochester, NY

Gian helps consumers personalized nutrition guidance at the point of purchase, on-line and in-store while also helping health care providers personalize and monitor treatment plans, improve patient outcomes and efficiency of health care provided.


Halomine, Inc., Ithaca, NY

Halomine is commercializing a new generation of antimicrobial technologies for the prevention control of microbiology-caused diseases in the food manufacturing and healthcare industries. They will develop, manufacture, and distribute new antimicrobial coating products based on the N-halamine platform.


Heart Health Intelligence Inc. (SEI), Rochester, NY

Heart Health Intelligence, Inc. has developed an innovative, proprietary medical device called the Fully Integrated Toilet (FIT) seat to provide cardiac disease patients with a self-contained, passive, daily in-home monitoring. The FIT seat incorporates ECG for measuring the electrical activity of the heart, PPG for measuring blood oxygenation and blood pressure, BCG for measuring cardiac function and estimating blood pressure and a body weight sensor.


Iterate Labs, Ithaca, NY

Iterate Labs’ mission is to harmonize the interaction between people and the processes in which they work through digitized human motion.  Iterate Labs has developed the first AI-powered IOT platform that digitizes human motion into precise, actionable, data-driven insights and enables business leaders to MONITOR, ENGAGE, and MANAGE their workforces at scale, in real-time.


Material Exchange Inc., Buffalo, NY

Material Exchange provides an outlet for manufacturers to sell what they don’t need. Other manufacturers can buy it at lower costs, better quantities and shorter lead times. For that, they have created an easy-to-use online marketplace platform so customers can source materials the same way they shop at home. The company does the heavy lifting in the background to guarantee customers save money, make money or find items they need when they need them.


MemoryFox LLC (SEI), Buffalo, NY

MemoryFox provides marketing and communications managers at community-reliant non-profits with the first self-serve SaaS platform to turn their story into a revenue generator. Using their simple system, an integrated private mobile application and their suite of additional enabling products, marketing managers can leverage the timeless power of storytelling to drive business results that will benefit their directors, board members, and donor development teams.


Patient Pattern Inc. (SEI), Buffalo, NY

Patient Pattern is a health IT company that has developed Frailty risk assessment and clinical decision support software for health professionals and risk-bearing entities caring for individuals with chronic and advanced illnesses. They have been nationally recognized as a game changer in risk assessment and care management for high cost populations. They are launching a first-to- market product that directly impacts revenue cycle for nursing home facilities across the country based on new Medicare payment model changes. Their goal is to integrate with pipeline EHR and ancillary companies providing services to these facilities as the clinical decision support product of choice.


Re-Nuble Inc. (SEI), Rochester, NY

Originally focused on manufacturing liquid fertilizers, the Company pivoted to fertilizer pellets. Their system transforms food waste into plant based technologies for both soil-based and hydroponic cultivation. The core technology (a patent-pending delivery device and trade secret fertilizer pellet) enables hydroponic farming to affordably and rapidly yield fully organic produce, where the alternative is up to 69% more expensive.


Ru’s Pierogi LLC, Buffalo, NY

Pierogi is the perfect food for both a fast-casual franchise and frozen food retail. Delicious, craveable, easy to prepare, easy to pair, and a blank canvas you can fill with anything. Ru’s USDA & FDA certified factory mass produces high quality dough filled with creative new flavor fusions for a time-tested frozen meal. Ru’s restaurant provides the scalable blueprint for nationwide fast casual franchises.


ShrubBucket, LLC, Ithaca, NY

ShrubBucket is an e-commerce retailer and logistics company founded in 2015 in Ithaca, New York. Homeowners can now enjoy the convenience of online shopping and home delivery of a huge variety of full-sized plants sourced directly from world-class regional growers. The $3.3 billion plant industry is largely run with catalogs and fax machines but ShrubBucket’s goal is simple: To digitize and transform the horticulture industry using strategies similar to and


SunDensity Inc. (SEI), Rochester, NY

SunDensity has developed a Photonic Smart Coating (PSC) technology that enables the up and down conversion of the wavelengths in white light (UV to IR) to match the desired band which can solve several in-efficiencies in photonics. By conversion of spectrum, the Company has developed, and field tested a patent-pending PSC that significantly reduces the cost of electricity generated by solar photovoltaics (PV) applications, customizes thermal and optical behavior of architectural glass, and increases the quantum efficiency of optoelectronic instruments.


The Perfect Granola LLC (SEI), Rochester, NY

The Perfect Granola is a granola and granola bar manufacturer with distribution in Wegmans, Walmart, Hannaford, ShopRite, Tops and many other retailers. They launched in June 2016 and quickly became a fast growing company with a social purpose. The Company shares 5% of profits with homeless shelters, outreach centers, and Food Banks and have a student program where they mentor students through work so they can learn the skills needed to break the poverty cycle that causes hunger.


Promptous, Syracuse, NY

Promptous provides a full-service self-insurance platform for small to medium sized businesses that allows them to streamline claims and reimbursements, making their annual dental plans 30% more cost-effective.


Tuzag Inc., Syracuse, NY

Tuzag is a revolutionary digital tailoring and communication engagement expert platform that provides a conversational AI informed concierge fostering surprising, delightful, one-on-one relationships that generate exponentially greater engagement: They have demonstrated 950% increased engagement. The Tuzag platform leverages ML and AI insights to tailor persistent, near- infinite contextually relevant content and services offers unique to each person, delivered as an ongoing interactive conversation based on behavioral theory, highly tailored content, and personalized curation of services.


VPG Medical Inc., Rochester, NY

VPG Medical Inc. has developed an innovative, proprietary platform technology leveraging the cameras embedded in smart devices to monitor the cardiac activities of their user. The technology is low cost since it does not rely on a dedicated sensor. It is easy to distribute since it comes in the form of a downloadable app and it operates across platforms. Their technology provides seamless, effortless, continuous, all the time and everywhere.


Walkabout Collaborative LLC, Angola, NY

Walkabout is providing a tool to support the modern work environment. The Company is targeting small to mid-sized offices to begin, especially those who utilize remote workers. In the future, Walkabout is looking to create a mass market version that would be targeted to single person enterprises. Lastly, the Company will target enterprise businesses with customized products.