Launch NY is grateful for the support it receives from foundations, public agencies, economic development organizations, institutions, businesses, and individuals who share a common vision of building stronger communities and creating jobs through venture development and entrepreneurship. Their commitment to transforming Upstate NY’s economy for the 21st century makes our work possible.     View more about our Platinum Awards >>

Platinum Awards

Jul 18, 2016


The Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation awards $2.5 million grant to Launch NY . . . >>

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Launch NY connects the upstate NY Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and fills gaps in mentoring and investment capital.



Despite more than $3B in research and development annually in Upstate NY, only 3% of venture capital comes to the region to turn this innovation into new products, services and businesses. While neighboring states like Pennsylvania and Ohio have had communities fueled by significant, multi-year funding for entrepreneurship, Launch NY is the first venture development organization (VDO) to assemble this vital support on behalf of making Upstate NY a thriving hub of start-up business activity.


And thanks to the Kauffman Foundation and others, we now know that startups account for the majority of all net new job creation in this economy.' To transform our region through entrepreneurship, Launch NY needs more supporters who share vision and passion for a stronger region driven by startups. Read more to learn how you can make a difference in supporting entrepreneurs. >>


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