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How Launch NY Assists Entrepreneurs



    • Are you Headquartered in the 27 County Launch NY footprint?


    • Does your business have High Growth Potential, defined as $10 + million top line revenue potential within 5-7 years?


    • Do you have a business lead, who is coachable and will engage with Launch NY mentors for direction guided by the Business Model Canvas?


    • Are you investable with an opportunity to exit (based on market and business lead willingness)?


    Starting up a high growth business requires specialized business, industry, and technical expertise to to support the process from Explore to Grow.


    Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence provide deep background combined with use of the proven Business Model Canvas method to guide each step at no cost to you.


    Our National Mentor Network provides even more specific expertise when you need it. Our goal is to prepare you for "what's next."




    High growth potential businesses typically require access to investment capital.


    Launch NY Entrepreneurs-in-Residence not only help startups understand the funding options but also prepare and connect you to access funding sources, including the Launch NY Seed Fund designed to support vital proof-of-concept activities.


    • Launch NY Seed Fund Application Criteria
    • Work with a Launch NY EIR for a minimum of 3 months prior to application for funding


Where are You?



    You have an idea – perhaps a way to do something or a new product or service that you think is needed.


    Now what?  It is time to get serious and more fully investigate your idea.



    During the Start stage it's time to  is to more accurately define whether your idea has real potential. Answer key questions, "What problem will it solve?" "How many people have this problem?" "How will I deliver the product?" “Will customers buy it?”Failure of your initial concept is not uncommon, but now is the time to refine and revise your idea and plan.




    This is the proof-of-concept phase, before you go to the market in full force. Your goal is to show that you can deliver your product the way you had planned as part of your business model.




    Your company is established, the management team and operational plans are in place, and your product or service is ready to fully launch in the market. Selling and operations begin!


  • GROW


    You are successfully delivering your product and "making money." You’re now primed for meeting the needs of a larger customer base and generating profits and financial returns. The GROW stage is all about promoting, nurturing and managing your business in preparation for the next level of growth.



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